Plastic Mirror Clip

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Easy to install.

Square beveled clear plastic mirror clip. Always a favorite of mirror installers due to their style and functionality. They are a secure way to mount on doors, walls, and vanity mirrors. Crystal clear, they're attractive without being obtrusive. Easy-to-install.
Mirror Thickness: 1/8 in 3/16 in 1/4 in Packaging format: Bag of 100 units Box of 1000 Thousand Select Options
Product # Mirror Thickness Packaging format Price
CP5852111 1/8 in Bag of 100 units $34.14
MP5852111 1/8 in Box of 1000 $336.82
9PIP 1/8 in Thousand $358.81
CP5852311 3/16 in Bag of 100 units $36.96
CP5852211 1/4 in Bag of 100 units $34.25
8PIP 1/4 in Thousand $290.72


Transparent / Clear
#6 Screw